Tuesday, 27 September 2011

4 Days in...

It occurs to me as I try to write these posts that all I am ever going to do is praise people. To the reader that may limit the interest, I suppose dishing dirt is a more interesting read. But I simply can't help but praise every member of our cast and crew. The schedule has been jam packed, mostly 12 hour days,and the commitment to the cause has been outstanding. Everyone has been so willing to throw themselves into the low budget horror film experience, and the footage we're getting is exceeding our expectations. I should highlight Vicki Rodway's work in particular. When a film is released the actors, directors, writers, FX Artists etc get mentioned but no one really talks about the 1st Assistant Director. But Vicki is the best 1st AD we could have possibly wished for. The energy and enthusiasm of Vicki, James Plumb the director and the DoP James Morrissey is the collective heart beat of this project.

Day 3 was pretty grueling due to us shooting so much practical FX. I understand to some extent why people opt for CGI because it saves time, but I feel the extra time and hard work that has gone into the practical FX
will ultimately be worth it because it looks so much more realistic on film. The Make Up team led by Rachael Southcott and Laura Clarke have truly excelled themselves. Watching the dailies it occurred to me that this is going to be quite a gory film! Filming someone having their intestines ripped out by zombies and then breaking for food was a nice twisted delight to end the day on!

Now into Day 4...

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